Our firm – nearly 100 years old – has much to share about the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship

Starting a new business can be imposing. Startups with a great idea might struggle monetizing it. Alternatively, long-time business owners may want to pass their enterprise on to a family member. Others still simply need incorporation and management documents. Our attorneys are flexible and creative, and above all, responsive to the business owner’s particular needs. Along with many other business-related services, we can help:

Choose a business structure

Each type of business (LLC, general partnership, limited partnership, S Corporation, C corporation, Non-profit organization) has its own strength and its own weakness. These come in the form of management structures, liability shields, record keeping, and taxation considerations.  Our attorneys can help you select which business entity is right for you.

Properly register your business

Incorporating a business often involves extensive paperwork and document drafting.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in incorporating businesses of all types and can quickly help you get your business up and running.

Keep appropriate records

With each business structure comes certain formalities that keep that business running legally.  Many states require yearly filings with the secretary of state to continue their operation.  Other business structures require extensive record keeping in the form of shareholder’s meetings, stock certificates, by-laws, or operating agreements.  Our attorneys will help keep your business compliant with these formalities.

Manage contract and regulatory disputes

Businesses of all types inevitably have disputes with their customers, suppliers, competing businesses, or regulatory bodies.  The contracts underlying these transactions contain the fine print that may determine the outcome of the dispute.  Firms may also find themselves brushing up against constantly changing regulations.  Having operated our business for nearly 100 years, our experience will help businesses navigate these issues.

Navigate taxation issues

Each management structure carries certain tax consequences.  Our firm can help you select which structure best suits your business from both a liability and taxation perspective.

Manage family business concerns

We have operated as a family business for nearly 100 years, and have extensive experience in passing management rights and business interests down to the next generation. Our attorneys can help minimize the tax impact of devising business interests to family members through trusts, wills, and family limited partnerships.