Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Leases

Q: How long does a solar lease last?

A: The term of a solar lease is typically between 20 and 30 years

Q: What effect will the solar lease have on my property?

A: If you currently receive a special tax valuation (in Ohio
a “current agricultural use valuation,” in PA a valuation under Act 319) you
may lose that status and have your real estate taxes increase.  There may be a recapture of previous taxes
that were foregone.  Finally, the
installation of the solar facility may trigger a personal property tax.  The lessee should agree to pay these

Q: What does a solar array involve? 

A: A solar array involves row after row of dark panels mounted on posts. There might also be associated equipment …

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Arbitration – Frequently Asked Questions

What is arbitration?
Arbitration is a dispute resolution process.
When will a dispute be resolved by arbitration?
A dispute will be resolved by arbitration if the disagreeing parties have previously agreed in writing to resolve future disputes via arbitration.
How do I know if I agreed to arbitration?
You will know if you agreed to arbitration by reading carefully the contract or agreement that governs whatever item/service you purchased or signed up for. Nearly all online services will include an arbitration clause in their standard user licensing agreements. In fact, if you’ve ever clicked “I Agree” before installing software or upon creating a username/password for an online service, you have likely agreed to arbitrate a future dispute.
What if I didn’t know I agreed to arbitrate …

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Phone Scam – February 8, 2018

A local woman called this afternoon indicating she had received a voicemail from our office requesting credit card information.  I verified that nobody in our office had ever heard of this particular person, and that nobody in our office made such a call.  It would appear, then, that someone is spoofing our office’s phone number in an attempt to defraud people of money.
Caller ID is quite easy to manipulate.  Many smartphone apps permit a caller to select the number they appear to be calling from. The Federal Communications Commission offers this information about Caller ID “spoofing.”
Here, the caller poses as a law firm attempting to collect on a debt.  Some firms (particularly collection law firms) make similar, legitimate phone calls, …

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Regional Chamber Honors Johnson & Johnson with Award

The Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce has awarded our law firm with the ninth Canfield Area Council Business Pride Award.  This award recognizes our high ethical, moral and professional standards, as well as our commitment to economic development here in Canfield.  Our friends over at the Business Journal wrote a nice article about it.
It’s wonderful to be recognized for our hard work.  We feel very blessed doing business in Canfield, and are pleased to contribute to its growth.

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