Our attorneys represent farmers and other land owners who have been approached by oil and gas producers to utilize their land for purposes of producing oil and gas. Our Ohio oil and gas attorneys are skilled at reviewing and negotiating the terms of leases to ensure that your rights are protected, that companies do not take advantage of you in allowing them to install drilling, oil and gas wells or pipelines on your property.  Many times, lease terms include benefits for the land owner by means of free gas and land owner royalties.  Additionally, compensation for crop damage and reclamation-the act of restoring damaged land to its original state-may be included, and failure on behalf of the drilling and mining company to adhere to these provisions is grounds for a lawsuit. That is why it is important that you contact a Youngstown, Ohio lawyer with experience in this unique area of the law.  Whether you’re a landowner seeking legal advice about a lease, a farmer whose oil and gas lease has been violated, or a producer looking to draft a turnkey drilling contract, contact Johnson & Johnson. You’ll be able to discuss your oil and gas law case with a seasoned Ohio lawyer. We are able to accommodate Spanish, French and Russian speaking clients.

See our Oil and Gas Leasing FAQ for useful information.

At Johnson & Johnson our Youngstown oil and gas law attorneys also assist producers in drafting participation agreements, joint ventures and limited partnership arrangements to establish the ownership and management of oil and gas wells. We also have experience handling turnkey drilling contracts.