Phone Scam – February 8, 2018

A local woman called this afternoon indicating she had received a voicemail from our office requesting credit card information.  I verified that nobody in our office had ever heard of this particular person, and that nobody in our office made such a call.  It would appear, then, that someone is spoofing our office’s phone number in an attempt to defraud people of money.

Caller ID is quite easy to manipulate.  Many smartphone apps permit a caller to select the number they appear to be calling from. The Federal Communications Commission offers this information about Caller ID “spoofing.”

Here, the caller poses as a law firm attempting to collect on a debt.  Some firms (particularly collection law firms) make similar, legitimate phone calls, making it difficult for the victim to discern the authenticity of the alleged debt.  This link will explain your rights as a debtor in such a situation, and may provide you with some useful information to determine if the call you are receiving is a legitimate one.

If you receive a call appearing to originate from our office, please take note of the time of the call, and contact me at the information above.

Be careful out there